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best shampoo for hair fall : 3 anti hair fall shampoos

Hair loss can make you feel less confident. Even taking different treatments for hair loss does not make any difference. It doesn’t matter if you use different shampoos, oils in the market.

What if we told you about the best shampoo?

Here are best shampoo for hair fall dermatologist recommended in india. We have given you information about three best shampoos below. Along with that customer reviews are also given.

You can choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair.

  1. indulekha shampoo: Indulekha bringha hair cleanser

This shampoo is completely made in Ayurvedic method. This shampoo contains extracts of nine bring raj plants.It also includes amla, neem, tulsi, shikakai, rosemary.

BhringrajKnown for reviving and regenerating new hair.

indulekha shampoo ingredients:

Amla –



  • Promotes hair growth


  • Natural skin moisturizer

  • Reduces hair fall


  • Strengthens hair roots.

Highlights –

  • Ideal for – men and women’s

  • Hair type – all hair type

  • No added colour, no added fragrances

indulekha shampoo review: buyer’s review

2) Dove hair fall rescue shampoo

These anti hair fall shampoo enriched with nutrilock serum. It is used for weak hairs and hairs prone to fall.

It is specially made for hair fall reduction.

Highlights –

  • Ideal for – men and woman

  • Hair type – all hair type

Buyer’s review –

3) himalaya anti hair fall shampoo : Himalaya herbals anti hair fall shampoo

This shampoo is made from various plant extracts.

Ingredients – Bhringaraja, Palasha, The natural proteins of Soy and What

It claims that it can reduce hair fall upto 96%.

Use himalaya anti hair fall conditioner after shampoo for better results.

Highlights –

  • Ideal for – men and woman

  • Hair type – all hair type

Composition – herbal

review of himalaya anti hair fall shampoo: buyers review

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